Will There Be A Thor 5, Taika Waititi Says Abouts Return To Direct.

THOR 5 Reportedly In Development At Marvel Studios; “Good Chance” Taika Waititi Will Return To Direct.

Thor 5


Taika Waititi recently commented about Thor 5, on the possibility of helming a fifth movie, noting that, if the God of Thunder was to return for another solo adventure, he should face off against a villain as powerful as Ragnarök’s Hela.

Thor 5 Fan Made Theory

Thor 5


Image credit:-:- Screenrant

Hope this next one gets back on trackI’ll make it.
Just hear me out finally!
can fix Waititis fault in one movie.
In the beginning we would see Zeus flipping himself turning out his act for the other gods was just a masking but in reality he is super sane as in the comics. So we see this comic accurate Zeus sending a comic accurate Herc to kill Thor. Zeus will beat the shit out of Thor easily but he will not be satisfied. So he kidnaps Love and gives Thor a second chance but actually just leading him to Zeus for revenge..

Thor is not dumb he knows it. And as he loses his Love (again) he get super serious and goes to get more powerful. He gets the full Odinforce, going after Love. He beats Herc as he plays on easy pompously. Then we will see a big fight with Zeus. I mean a literal God power level fight like in Eternals when Arishem awakens. Thor finally overpowers Zeus but Love is not there so Zeus escapes to the Skyfathers who want to punish Thor. They restore Demogorge to beat Thor. So we will get a Moon knight connection too. But he goes against the Skyfathers. Thor escapes and goes for more power so he becomes a serious Rune King Thor but meanwhile he is afraid as he sees. and finally he knocks to the Skyfathers just to beat Demogorge and finally get back Love.
But in the end Thor has to stay and be the leader.

So Hemsworth will get his closing as being a revengeful father and seriously keeping up everything to protect her even if he can’t be with her anymore. On the other hand Love can replace him in next Avengers movies.
Also Chris can get cameo later advising Love.
Post credit scene: Thor senses something big coming like Hercules.

Thor 5 Villain Hercules Power’s


Image credit:- Love and Thunder Post credit scene/Marvel Studios

Hercules, a Marvel Comics character, possesses an array of formidable powers as an Olympian god. He wields superhuman strength, capable of lifting immense weights and engaging in powerful combat. His exceptional durability allows him to withstand attacks that would incapacitate others, while his accelerated healing factor aids in swift recovery from injuries. Immortality halts his aging, and he boasts extraordinary stamina, able to exert himself for extended periods without fatigue. With heightened senses, he’s attuned to his surroundings, complementing his combat prowess developed over centuries. While versed in mystical knowledge, his primary assets lie in his physical might and combat skills.

After taking the helm of Marvel’s Thor film series with
the 2017 action adventure Thor: Ragnarok, Taika
Waititi wants to see the God of Thunder going
against someone stronger in Thor 5. While earlier
reports have claimed that the filmmaker did not want
to direct another Thor film after the critical reception
of Love and Thunder, it seems like he still has some
ideas regarding what he would do if he is given the
opportunity. As i personally believe everyone deserve a chance to make it good job. Many people dont like Thor love and Thunder, its is a Right Time for Taika waititi for Direct Thor 5 With Good storytelling Awesome Movie.


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