Is Doctor Strange 3 In Danger Because Of Deadpool 3 ?

Thrill and excitement is always there when Doctor strange 3 is on the screen. Hope it will be better then the last one. Script wise they have to be extra precautious this time..Geoff Langdon rewatch this movie and said “it, it’s actually not a bad movie. Just was over saturated with unrealistic hype lol pretty much like every single marvel project since endgame. Everyone thinks if it’s not a bigger movie than endgame, then it’s not good. Phase 4 has honestly been the most interesting content we’ve gotten from the MCU.” and somewhere we also agree with this statement.

Doctor Strange 3
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According to The cosmic circus sources, it’s state that Doctor Strange 3 will be based on a Marvel Comics run called Time Runs Out. The upcoming MCU sequel, which will reportedly lead right into Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will have the sorcerer being sought out by a multiversal organisation called The Black Priests.

Apparently, Clea is a member of the group whose HQ is based in the Nothing Space of Destroyed Universes, which sits within the spot of two dead universes that suffered an incursion. The insiders claim Doctor Strange will be told that the Multiverse is dying and the cause of the decay is due to incursions across the various realities.

As we all know Deadpool can break the fourth wall, that’s why he does whatever he wants in the comics, and he also knows that the world he lives in is not the real world and once he killed the entire Avengers in the comics.
and once he even made an infinity stone.once when deadpool is breaking the fourth wall, it comes to his mind that he should make an infinity stone.
that’s why he breaks the fourth wall and goes to the writer and helps them.and after that he goes to thanos and steals his infinity gauntlet.after that, with the help of six infinity stones, he made new 7th infinity stone.and what he names the continuity stoneand by using this stone, he goes from one time to another and changes all the events.he also uses the stone to create a girlfriend for himself, whom he was about to marry. But when he is marrying his girlfriend, unfortunately someone kills his girlfriend.After that he gets bored with all this and in the end he gives the continuity stone to the Writer. And Doctor Strange doesn’t like anyone messing with time. because Dr. Strange is very serious charector. here the timeline of both x-men universe and MCU universe is different, And now Deadpool 3 is Part Of MCU. And now Deadpool’s about to bring back Wolverine, Hugh Jackman Wolverine 3 That’s why the future of Dr. Strange 3 is in danger.

Here is Some Unique Details of Doctor Strange 3

And we got a look at Kang in the Loki Season 2 trailer, who wants to end everything, take control of the entire universe of the multiverse. This is why Doctor 3 Strange is in trouble, because kang the conqueror change or destroy any Event.

The film will explain how Stephen is one of the Multiverse’s biggest threats by establishing him as a common denominator when it comes to incursions across the Multiverse, aside from the main danger of the Council of Kangs.
Even with the Council of Kangs established, with their power largely hidden, Doctor Strange will be perceived as the “common denominator” that seemingly caused all of the multiverse’s incursions. Of course, the main reason for the decay will be the incursions caused by the Council of Kangs, who were revealed in the mid-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. They will be the main antagonists in Avengers 5. Doctor Strange 3 will shoot starts in 2024 for a 2025 release ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in 2026.

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